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Xingguo Xinli Group and Anshengxin signed a strategic cooperation agreement

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On July 5, AXIN Xintou's executive partners, Xu Song, Yan Kening and Li Chenglong, visited 18 people from Shandong Xingguo Xinli Group.
Xingguo Xinli Group

On July 5, AXIN Xintou's executive partners, Xu Song, Yan Kening and Li Chenglong, visited 18 people from Shandong Xingguo Xinli Group. Group President Dong Fangguo, Chairman Liu Xiangxue, General Manager Mi Changjun, General Manager Assistant Lu Guibin, and Secretary of the Board Zhang Yuju hosted AXA Xintou and his party. During the visit, the group first visited the hometown of Dong Fangguo's hometown, Longziyu Peach Blossom Island. The beautiful scenery, the simple folk customs and the rich dinners enhanced the feelings of both sides.

On July 6, the visiting delegation visited Hualian Mining, Xingquan Building Materials, Xingguo Ring Materials, Xingguo Electric Materials, Xingguo Plastic Industrial Park Factory Production Workshop, clean workshops, first-class facilities, advanced production technology for them. I was deeply impressed and strengthened the confidence of the cooperation between the two sides.


Xingguo Xinli Group

At 4:00 pm, a burst of applause came from the fourth floor conference of Xingguo Headquarters. The signing ceremony was held here. The two sides will adhere to the principle of "mutual benefit and sincere cooperation" and continuously strengthen and expand the strategic docking cooperation between the two sides. The signing ceremony was presided over by Liu Xiangxue, the chairman of the board. At the ceremony, Mr. Mi Changjun, the general manager of Xingguo Xinli Group, and Liu Hongxing, the general manager of AXIN Xintou, introduced the basic situation of their respective companies and signed a strategic cooperation agreement as a signing representative, marking the Xingguo Xinli Group and Ann. Shengxin Investment has built a solid platform for mutual benefit and common development.