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Foreign Union of Composite Materials Experts

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In February last year, three companies in the composites industry signed a cooperation agreement: gazechim composites company, Iberia, Madrid, Spain, European composites sector supplier, Magnum Venus 

In February last year, three companies in the composites industry signed a cooperation agreement: gazechim composites company, Iberia, Madrid, Spain, European composites sector supplier, Magnum Venus Venus product supplier, RTM, TN, Spain, Spain Plastics Technology Center manufacturer of dosing and mixing equipment, as a reference center for processing capabilities and resources in the field of composite materials.

The purpose of this cooperation agreement is to create a high level of information dissemination and demonstration activities to promote the use of composite materials and new applications. To this end, Brand Composite 360 ​​was created to demonstrate its vision at the materials, process, product and sector levels.

As the first activity in this agreement, demonstration workshops were held on April 26th and 27th, focusing on the use of closed mold technology (RTM) for high-performance composites and for the automotive, transportation and aerospace sectors. Discussed. At this seminar, the first international speakers discussed the materials used, product design, quality, process optimization and manufacturing costs. Also included is a demo section that includes RTM parts production, including the use of polyester resins and epoxy resins with glass and carbon fiber.

At present, composite materials have good positioning in some applications, such as those related to the construction and aerospace industries. However, its evolution will allow them to introduce new applications, including some products with high productivity, such as automobiles and transportation. industry. However, there is still a need to increase information on the likelihood of performance and actual operations, and therefore measures are needed on these materials and processes to assess their potential. Composite 360 ​​was created to facilitate the use and new application of composite materials.

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