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The Group held the second "Xingguo Xinli Ankang Cup" Safety Knowledge Competition

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On the afternoon of July 28, a burst of applause came from the third floor conference room of the ring material company.
Xingguo Xinli Group

On the afternoon of July 28, a burst of applause came from the third floor conference room of the ring material company. The second "Xingguo Xinli Ankang Cup" safety knowledge contest of Shandong Xingguo Xinli Group was under intense and intense. This is the “Notice of the Xingguo Xinli Group on Implementing the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions and the Provincial Safety Production Supervision Administration on Launching the “Ankang Cup” Competition in the Province of 2018” and “On 2017- issued by the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions and the Municipal Safety Supervision Bureau”. In 2018, the "Notice of the "Ankang Cup" Competition in the city" and the spirit of the safety production work conferences at all levels, a major event to promote safety knowledge, strengthen safety awareness, improve safety skills, and create a strong safety culture atmosphere .

Sheng Mingtai, vice chairman of the County Federation of Trade Unions, Yang Jingui, deputy director of the County Administration of Work Safety, Li Feng, deputy mayor of the Party Committee of Shiqiao Town Government, and Zheng Lei, the chairman of the labor union, attended the event, attaching importance to safe production, attaching importance to corporate culture and obtaining The results were fully affirmed. Group General Manager Mi Changjun, Executive Vice President Wang Yudong and Deputy General Manager Qi Guishan, Wu Shanzhong, Wang Dengbao, Shun Shun and other leading groups and more than 180 cadres and employees watched the safety knowledge contest.

Xingguo Xinli Group

All units actively organized and cadres and employees participated enthusiastically. After internal selection, a total of 5 teams participated in the competition. Each team consisted of 3 contestants and 10 support teams. In the competition, the contestants were fully prepared, the safety knowledge was solid and solid, the competition in the answering questions was fierce, the audience answered the questions, the atmosphere was intense and the scene was full of laughter and laughter, which became the highlight of this knowledge contest. After fierce competition, the competition selected 1 first prize, 1 second prize, 1 third prize and 2 excellent prizes. Among them, the Xingguo Plastic Industry Team won the first prize of this safety knowledge contest with an excellent score of 290 points.

Through the development of the safety knowledge contest, the combination of boring theoretical knowledge and lively game forms fully mobilizes the consciousness and enthusiasm of cadres' employees to learn. In the future work, everyone should apply the learned safety knowledge to practical work. Go, improve safety awareness, accident prevention awareness and self-protection awareness, strive to create a good atmosphere for safe production, earnestly carry out all aspects of safe production, continuously consolidate the company's safety production management foundation, and build a safe production enterprise.