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Group companies send staff to participate in the "core competitiveness nuclear energy class" training

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July 25-27, Dong Fangguo, Chairman of Xingguo Group, Mi Changjun, General Manager of the Group, Wang Yudong, Executive Deputy General Manager

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July 25-27, Dong Fangguo, Chairman of Xingguo Group, Mi Changjun, General Manager of the Group, Wang Yudong, Executive Deputy General Manager, Qi Guishan, Wang Dengbao, and Shun Shun, Deputy General Manager, Lu Guibin, Assistant General Manager, Zhang Yuju, Secretary of the Board of Directors, Corporate Management Xu Qinsheng, deputy manager of the department, Qi Yuanbin, Song Chuanbo, deputy manager of Xingguohuan, Zhao Xingkun, deputy manager of Xingguo Xingye, and Gao Xiumei, head of Xingguo Electric Materials Management Department, attended the three-day “Core Competitive Nuclear Energy Class” training. The training was held at Wuyuan Hotel. The training lecturers gave a detailed explanation on the importance of core competitiveness in today's enterprise competition and what is the core competitiveness, how to improve the core competitiveness of the company, from concept explanation to application analysis, so that everyone Have a new understanding of "core competitiveness", let us understand that technology can be copied, products can be copied, strategies can be imitated, only core competitiveness can not be copied, copied, imitated, we will be in the future In the work, we are committed to building the core competitiveness of the company.